Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its not just a comedy, its her LIFE!

I finally got around to watching the first episode of "Sherri", the new Lifetime sitcom with Sherri Shepherd and y'all... its good. Really good. Here's the situation- I love, more than I love most things, a good three camera, studio audience, laugh track sitcom. I just adore it. To me, its a form that if done right can be just about perfect. (and it ain't easy is it, "Joey"?)

"Sherri", or the first episode at least, was just exactly what I wanted.... jokes every other line, physical comedy, easy storyline, compelling heroine, a wise father, a cute kid, wacky comedy ladies as co-workers, an uptight boss (that you KNOW is going to have some sort of epiphany down the line) . There's also something metaphysical about the show as it is based on Sherri's life (you've seen the subway ads: "Its not just a comedy. Its her LIFE!")

I've always rooted for Sherri Shepherd on The View, through the ups and downs and flat Earths, and with her sitcom I'm officially a total Sherri Shepherd fan. It's a mid nineties comedy, folks.... with a 2009 leading lady.

Who could ask

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